Top four office set up solutions to increase productivity

Offices are typically optimised for the best working conditions by designers, contractors or office managers; however there are typically a few factors that may have been overlooked and yet can provide a noticeable improvement to office productivity.

Below are the top four office environment solutions to improve worker productivity:

Music – Surrounded by a technological hum of computers and the tapping of keyboards can create an unusual and sometimes uncomfortable environment to work in. However, with the inclusion of a radio or stereo system, employees can be distracted from these noises and appreciate the music instead. It is typically best to play either classical music and/or upbeat music as this will put employees in a good mood and not distract too much.

Turn down the air conditioning – It is universally agreed that it is nigh impossible to work in a warm environment as this encourages sleep and makes it impeccably hard to concentrate. Conversely, however, a working environment that is too cold will put workers in a bad mood and distract them from work. The best type of atmosphere should be cool, fresh and without breezes as this will keep everyone fully awake and comfortable.

Balanced lighting – Some offices will struggle to introduce natural light into the workplace simply due to location and building positioning; however by balancing interior lighting and not making it too dark/bright and removing all flickering, you can ensure all workers are comfortable. This is particularly important for computer users to ensure that screen glare is minimised and eye strain is reduced.

Plant life – The typical office of today is a strictly technological affair with banks of computers and telephones dominating the environment; however with the simple addition of a plant you can change all of that. Adding a touch of nature will help to relax workers and make the office a nicer place to work. Some firms have installed fish tanks into their offices; however this can often prove too distracting.

Whilst these will not revolutionise your office layout, they can make your office a more pleasant and enjoyable place to work within.