Do not Travel for Business without Reading these Top Tips

Business travel is usually a huge perk of the job for many companies. But the physical process of travelling can take its toll if you have to do it regularly. That’s why Londonoffices have done their research and gathered our best tips to make travelling for business that bit easier.

  1. You can make business travel a whole lot easier for yourself before you even begin the journey in two ways. The first one is by being consistent. If you travel to the same city often, choose the same hotel often too. It may be tempting to see more of the city and explore its culture but familiarity can often reduce stress and allow you to be more efficient.


    Knowing exactly where there’s a great restaurant, where the gym is and what is available in your room can be a life saver after a long, tiring flight. This means you can maintain as much of your usual daily routine as possible and save your energy for work.

  2. The second way is by packing smart. Travelling light isn’t always easy and leaving things behind is almost always a factor of travelling. However, there are ways around it. One key tip is to write down a checklist of all the basics you will need for every trip and keep it on your phone so it won’t get lost as easily.

    Packing extra essentials such as underwear is also a good idea. Then try to compromise on things such as shoes – the one pair fits all method is usually quite doable with business wear. Creating a sort of mix and match system will also help to keep your packing to a minimal. Choose skirts or trousers that work with a few different tops and use the same technique for your blazers and jackets where you can.

    Suitcase, travel passport

  3. If you’re someone who’s lucky enough to be able to sleep on an aeroplane, then booking yourself a late flight could be a great way to help you combat jet lag. Sleeping through your flight will not only pass the time but can help you feel refreshed and ready to meet clients the next day. A neck pillow is also an easy thing to carry with you.

    Evening Flight Travel

  4. Sleeping on the plane brings us on to the idea of staying hydrated. Although it may seem like a good idea to help you nod off with a drink, dehydrating yourself will only make jet lag so much worse. Make sure you take in a much water as possible before during and after your flight to avoid headaches and light headedness.

  5. Aside from all of the above, one of the worst things about travelling, that can make us feel very uncomfortable, is the continuous sitting, usually in a very small space. One great way to combat the stiffness and soreness of travelling is to enjoy a nice stretch before your begin your journey – we’re talking about yoga.

    Not only can it prepare you physically but also relax you mentally, making you better equipped to handle the potential stresses of the journey. You may be surprised how much better you feel when you arrive at your destination after a little pre-flight yoga.

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  6. If yoga isn’t for you or you can’t squeeze in a class before you travel, get yourself a simple tennis ball. Rolling it under your feet or thighs, even your arms is an easy way to relieve some of the aches of travelling.

From planning ahead to staying at your best, these tips will hopefully make your next business trip that little bit easier. And for some extra reading while you’re waiting for that flight, why not brush up on your foreign business etiquette and read our article on Avoiding Faux Pas during International Business Meetings.