Tube Fare Time Machine Helps Londoners Cost Their Commute to 2050

Tube Fare Time Machine Cost Your Commute

Travel by Tube? How much will your commute cost by 2020? How about by 2040? Here at we’ve created a tool to help you predict how much the price will rise. Have you tried the Tube Fare Time Machine yet?

Today’s journey costs make a stark comparison to those of 1983, when a seven-day Travelcard covering Zones 1-2 cost just £4.70. Today’s commuter pays £31.40 for the same pass, while the Time Machine predicts that by 2045 it will set them back by more than £100.

Using the Tube Fare Time Machine, Londoners can predict the cost of their commute year by year until 2050. Meanwhile, those looking for a nostalgia trip can use it to travel back as far as 1983, when the travel zones were first introduced. Remember how much your commute cost you in 1995?

Try the Tube Fare Time Machine to cost your commute.

As seen on the Time Out London blog