Unsanitary office keyboards attract mice

Mice are leaving their droppings in computer keyboards in offices overnight as they forage for food, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

A London cleaning firm said one office worker was confused as to why ‘seeds’ were popping out of her computer each day as she typed at her desk, only to discover that they were the remains of rodent faecal matter – “She was mystified because she did not eat food at her desk. An investigation showed them to be mice droppings”.

The RSC is now encouraging office staff to adhere to a cleanliness policy when working at their station. Although eating over a keyboard is often unavoidable at busy workplaces it is vital to clean up properly and ensure hands are washed before consuming any food.

The sheer number of offices in the financial hub of London mean hygiene rules are of the utmost importance. Unsanitary keyboards containing higher than normal levels of bacteria can lead to symptoms of food poisoning and other maladies.

According to the Daily Mail the RSC is searching for the dirtiest keyboard in the country to draw attention to the growing problem and pictures of the filthiest keyboards will be displayed on its website.