Virgin working on free wifi for London residents

Virgin could provide free wifi for London residents.

Office workers and commuters could receive free wifi access in London.

There could soon be free wifi for residents and workers within London thanks to new plans from Virgin Media. This could seriously affect the way that people commute to and from work. If the plans are successful then it would also enable people to access the internet and relevant sites whilst giving business presentations in London public spaces such as cafés or parks.

Virgin’s chief executive Neil Berkett informed investors that it was in advanced negotiations with London councils over implementing the plans. He also remarked that he was optimistic that the plans could be put into action in the not too distant future. If it goes ahead, Virgin wifi would be available to everyone at 0.5Mbps and would be available at 10Mbps for those that subscribe to the company’s home broadband service.

Commenting on the developments Mr Berkett said: “The proposition would be that we would provide free Wifi access for all.. It is part of our ethos of advancing digital lifestyles.”

Virgin claim that current 3G networks are not working effectively enough to satisfy the average customers needs. This coupled with the unknown launch dates (supposedly it won’t be for a while now) of 4G have spurred the company on to providing free wifi for the public in London.

“The gap that is increasingly occurring between consumers’ need for data outside the home and what they can get on 3G,” commented Neil Berkett.

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