Most Wanted Items Within London Office Buildings

Office Design Sketch

When asked to describe your perfect office space, what comes to mind? Do you subscribe to the campus style space, complete with bean bag breakout areas, or do you envisage high-rise London office buildings of glass and chrome?

Whatever your chosen environment, it is often the gadgets and gizmos at your disposal that help to turn a work space into a workplace. So with this in mind, we asked office workers what items they would most want to see within their dream office spaces– and here are their top 5…

Top 5 Most Wanted Items Within London Office Buildings

#1 | Luxury Coffee Maker

A tasty beverage maker was top of the list, with nearly 90% of office workers including this in their dream office space. It appears the Starbucks factor is thriving amongst those in London office buildings.

Coffe machine for london office buildings

#2 | Massaging Chair

Stress relief (and comfort) saw 82% of the office workers surveyed furnish their London office buildings with massage chairs.

massage chair for london office buildings

#3 | Apple Computer

The iFactor remains strong with 76% of those surveyed about their perfect office space, ditching the standard desktop PC in favour of an Apple Computer.

Apple Desktop for london office buildings

#4 | Individual/Personalised Parking Space

Many people state their intention to put their mark on the world, but it would appear that office workers want to put it on their parking space -The closer to the front door the more prestigious?

Reserved Parking for london office buildings Employees

#5 | Snack Vending Machine

Not all the items in the dream London office buildings were out of the ordinary, with the 5th most popular item being a snack vending machine.

vending machine for london office buildings

Other items to make the top 10 included a wine & beer fridge (#9), good quality climate control (#6), green, living plants (#8) and even individual foot spas (#10). A breakout area populated by beanbags was the 7th most popular inclusion in the participants “Dream” office space.

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