What’s on London’s Office Development Calendar for 2013?

London Office Developments for 2013

You can always rely on London for exciting new office space developments – This is where architects push the boundaries of modern property design and go beyond tried-and-tested engineering practices to bring us some of the world’s most famous and innovative workspace buildings. Just think how different the London skyline would look without the Gherkin (aka 30 St Mary Axe), Heron Tower, Canada Square and of course, the astronomical Shard.

It’s also where you’ll find some of the property world’s most amusing pseudonyms – many of which have firmly stuck, with or without the architect’s blessing. There’s the Gherkin, the Cheesegrater, the Walkie Talkie and the Can of Ham to name just a few.

Past projects aside, what’s next for London’s skyline? And will the nicknaming trend continue?

The second question is easy: yes, the nicknaming certainly will continue. One of the most highly acclaimed developments set to take its place in the City of London is the futuristic Pinnacle (Bishopsgate Tower) which – before it’s even been completed – has acquired the telltale nickname of the ‘Helter Skelter’. At 945 feet high, it’s set to become the tallest building in the City and the second tallest in the UK and the EU, behind the Shard.

But development has stalled since March 2012 due to a lack of funding and tenants, so it currently seems unlikely that we’ll see completion of this majestic office property before 2013 comes to a close.

The Place is another major London office space development which is set to complete this year. Known as The Shard’s baby brother, this 17-storey property is growing in the shadow of the imposing Shard and is set to bring over 430,000 sq ft of prime office space to SE1 in 2013. Aside from first-rate office and meeting facilities, tenants can also expect to make use of winter gardens from floors three to twelve, and a beautifully landscaped roof terrace.

Another important development for 2013 is Kings’ Cross station. Following its widely acclaimed revamp last year, a new 75,000 sq ft public square, designed by architects Stanton Williams, is set to be unveiled at the station this year. The characteristic but ugly canopy that extends from the original facade has been removed to make way for the new public space, which will reveal the building’s original Victorian façade for the first time since the 1860s and create a new focal point for the city in the process.

These are just a handful of developments that will impact the London office space scene over the next year or two. We look forward with interest to the next wave of office space development, and the daft nicknames that come with it…

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