The Worrying State of Central London Commercial Property Leasing

Central London commercial property overview

New research has shown that rental prices for Central London commercial property has seen a rise of 7.1 per cent to £1,009 pcm. This is in conjunction with higher annual leasing prices in England and Wales on the whole. This is the sixth consecutive month that the rents have risen with the average now standing at £705 a month. This is an annual rent inflation of 4.2 per cent. The figures have been compiled by LSL Property Services as part of their ‘Buy-to-Let’ index.

Second to Central London commercial property for increased rent was the North East which saw a rise of 5.5 per cent and the East and West Midlands which saw an increase of 4.8 per cent . This subsequently means that over the past year average rental prices have increased in all the UK regions except for Wales itself which has remained steady since July 2010.

Commenting on the increased rents at Central London commercial properties, David Brown, commercial director at LSL Property Services, said:   “Demand from thousands of frustrated buyers each month is underpinning buoyant competition for rental homes, enabling landlords to increase prices. Such strong demand and high rental incomes has forced lenders to take notice, and more are returning to the sector.”

The increase has hit both housing and Central London commercial properties at a time when interest is still very high. However, if customers and businesses alike choose to search for cheaper options, a variety of empty office and residential developments could occur in the London area. Many customers have been looking towards other large cities such as Manchester and Birmingham. What’s more, those interested in residential properties have begun to look at areas close to London that  could be easy to commute to and from. are specialists in London office space, providing a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. If you are looking for a Central London commercial property for your business, call our team on +44 (0) 203 826 8139.