4m sq ft of Office Space in London’s West End Lost to Accommodation

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Aerial View of office space in London's West End

Over 4 million sq. ft. of office space in London‘s West End converted to other…

Tips on Keeping Everyone Safe in London Shared Office Space

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best offices in London lighting

A few tips on how to stay safe when working in London shared office space….

BSI London Office Tower Acquired in Canmoor and Harbert Joint Venture

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London office tower BSI

London office tower to be sold by The Carlyle Group.   BSI Tower to be…

Top 5 Things to Consider before Choosing to Rent Offices in London

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binding contact to rent offices in London

A few things to consider before choosing to rent offices in London.   A short…

Tube Strike to Affect London Offices’ Employees Daily Commute

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Cancelled trains travelling to London offices

London Underground strikes cause disruption to London offices’ city workers.   London office workers will…