London office market signage

London Office Market Up: Marque Development Attracts Valuable Interest

In a recent blog post, we explored findings from BNP Paribas that found take-up of conventional Central London office space had increased in Q4 2012 when compared to Q3 2012, thanks to an overwhelming boost in take-up of...

London Office Space Leases Most Costly money image

London Office Space Leases Crowned Most Costly in the World

The yo-yo costs of office space across the globe received a new twist this week, as London's West End overtook Hong Kong making London office space leases the most expensive in the world.  

News-Keys Google moves from Victoria office space

Google Moves from Victoria Office Space HQ to New London Office

Online search and technology giant Google is set to relocate staff from its existing Victoria office space and another office in Holborn, to a new headquarters in King's Cross, North London.  

Skyline of London offices to rent

What’s on the Development Calendar for London Offices to Rent in 2013?

You can always rely on the capital for exciting new developments of London offices to rent - This is where architects push the boundaries of modern property design and go beyond tried-and-tested engineering practices t...

City commercial office space in London

More Businesses Choose Commercial Office Space in London City

Despite recent statistics that suggested demand for commercial office space in London is at a 25 year low, new research claims that take-up of London office space rose by 10% at the end of 2012.