Top 10 Workplace Annoyances Making Office Employees See Red

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London offices annoyances steaming girl

There’s always one! That person who can’t stop chatting. The one who is never at the…

Love Lunch? Amazing Street Food Surrounding Office Buildings in London

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Street Food close to office buildings in London

Sometimes after a hard morning slaving away inside one of the many office buildings in…

Overlooked for Promotion? Check your Out of Office E-mail

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E-mail invites in London shared office space

Why not you? You gave a great presentation, have worked hard all year, are always…

Launch Alert! New Office for Rent in London – Finsbury House

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Finsbury Circus office for rent in London

Having developed a reputation for luxurious, boutique office space, One Avenue have not disappointed with…

Churchill’s Former London Office Space Refurbished in to Luxury Hotel

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Old war London office space

This former war office is one very iconic London office space. Winston Churchill, Lord Kitchener…

Office Jargon – The 50 Phrases We Love to Hate in UK Offices

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Girl boxing a guy for annoying London office phrases

Is anything more annoying than this? We’re all familiar with those awfully cliched office phrases…

Dressing for the Job Within Offices in London Engages the Brain

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Offices in Londoon smart dress

There is plenty of symbolic meaning attached to certain attire and the clothes we wear…

International Clients Benefit from Direct Eurostar London to Amsterdam

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Eurostar connects international clients to Amsterdam

The Eurostar is evolving! The train which connects businesses in London, Paris, Frankfurt etc. in…