A guide on staying healthy in the office

Ways to stay healthy in the office.

Tips on keeping yourself healthy whilst working in an office.

Keeping yourself healthy whilst working in an office all day can be a difficult task particularly if you work long hours.

There are a few things that you can do to improve your health however, most of them don’t even require that much effort!

Firstly remember to frequently drink water, this will keep your body hydrated and this will help you to focus more clearly on your work. Drinking water on a regular basis will also reduce the effects and chance of headaches occurring in the first place.

Cut out the caffeine, drinking too much tea and coffee can result in dehydration and headaches. It can also cause some employees to become irritable and restless.

Take regular breaks from your computer, perhaps to walk to the water cooler. These days a lot of employees don’t take into account the damage that it can do their eyes, it is usually a common source of headaches. Simply take regular breaks from your pc, you could choose to look away every 20 minutes for a few minutes or take a 15 minutes for every hour.

Lastly replace your usual fatty snacks such as crisps, chocolate and soft drinks with healthier options. As you are sitting down most of the day you aren’t burning any calories and eating unhealthy foods in between meals will inevitably lead to weight gain. Just replace your snacks with fruit or vegetables with dips, for soft drinks you could switch to the no sugar options or simply drink water to stay hydrated.

Follow these tips and you should be feeling healthier in the office before you know it.

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