Top Ten Employee Aggravations within London Offices Revealed

Top ten annoyances in London offices.


Research survey shows worst annoyances within London offices.


A new survey from Opinium Research has revealed the top ten annoyances for workers within the UK and London offices. Amongst other things the statistics show that two in three office workers are regularly stressed out by office annoyances and that office jargon is amongst one of the worst offenders.


These annoyances within London offices are so bad for some people that they increase the stress levels for an astonishing 62 per cent or two out of three office workers. On top of this, an amazing 11 per cent or one in 10 have actually quit their jobs due to office annoyances. Furthermore, 19 per cent (two fifths) stated that they would think about leaving their London offices due to workplace aggravations.


Top of the list was grumpy or moody colleagues. However, this could obviously be due to the factors on the rest of the list. Slow working computers and office/managerial jargon also ranked highly on the list. The company also ran a poll for the worst jargon heard within London offices where the saying ‘thinking outside the box’ came top with a huge 21% of the votes.


Here is the list in full:


Grumpy or moody colleagues (37%)
Slow computers (36%)
Small talk/ gossip in the office (19%)
The use of office jargon or management speak (18%)
People speaking loudly on the phone (18%)
Too much health and safety in the work place (16%)
Poor toilet etiquette (16%)
People not turning up for meetings on time or at all (16%)
People not tidying up after themselves in the Kitchen (15%)
Too hot/ cold air conditioning (15%)


Many of the reasons stem from the behaviour of other office colleagues whereas other things that actually physically affect people rank near the bottom of the list.

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