Animals in the office

Should you keep an animal in your workspace?

Things to consider before you get an animal in your office.

In some offices a pet can really improve the atmosphere and help to put workers at ease. However, in other it could prove to be a distraction and even cause a little bit of mayhem. With this in mind here are some facts and information that you should consider before getting an animal for your office environment.

Surveys and polls have shown that the majority of office workers feel that the inclusion of a small animal in their workspace would improve productivity. That said during the same survey (carried out by recruitment firm Office Angels for the BBC) many people said they’d prefer a big screen satellite TV or table football machine.

However, a pet in the office can be a great way to relieve some office stress and provide a way of waking up colleagues without resorting to 50 cups of coffee a day. The survey also revealed that 80% of office workers thought that the atmosphere at the office would be improved if their workspace was redecorated.

Obviously the size of your office will affect whether or not an animal is suitable. It is just as important to consider the animal’s comfort as it is considering the effect it will have on your workers. Larger offices probably should avoid animals as the levels of activity could prove too much. However, if you have enough room and not too many people you can ensure that the animal is comfortable it is a great way of improving the atmosphere in your workplace.

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