Architecture Club looking for best buildings in London

The Architecture Club are launching a competition to find London’s best buildings of the last 50 years. The club wants to celebrate the exciting architectural developments that have taken place in the city during the last five decades.

They will then showcase pictures and photos of the buildings and   at the Mall Galleries, near Trafalgar Square. The exhibition is planned to co-incide with the London Festival of Architecture, on June 19th – June 26th 2010.

The Club will be searching for buildings which are “significant in the development of architecture in London/Britain, represented a particular strand of architectural thinking or [remain] excellent examples of their kind,” says a Club spokesman.

The competition’s selection committee will be chaired by acclaimed British architect Ken Powell. Contenders for the awards include – The Barbican, Danish Embassy, QE2 Conference Centre, various buildings in Canary Wharf and Paternoster Square.

The competition will really celebrate what London has achieved in the last 50 years, more than just architecturally. The exhibition will showcase the growth of the capital though its amazing buildings and commercial properties. Plus there’s plenty in store for the next 50 years, with exciting new developments and office space being planned across the capital.

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