Baker Tilly find new London office space

New London office space for accounting firm Baker Tilly.

Office space in London has been rented out by accounting and advisory firm Baker Tilly.

Accounting and advisory firm Baker Tilly have taken up new office space in the heart of London.

Baker Tilly have opted to move into the Nexus Place building; a 13 floor office building located on 25 Farrington Street, London. The entire building spans 14,624 square feet and provides office space to a variety of companies including Sturgis Associates, Hilson Moran Partnership and Mosley and Webb.

Previously Baker Tilly had been leasing 3 separate offices located on various locations throughout London. The main motive behind the move is to enable all of the company’s London based employees to work under the same roof.

“Bringing together our London team in one location will enhance and strengthen our operations, allowing us to deliver the best possible streamlined service to our clients,” commented David Gwilliam, London managing partner for Baker Tilly.

The company begun moving in employees and supplies earlier this week. The Nexus Place Building offices will become the accountancy firm’s new headquarters.

Baker Tilly was founded in 1931 and has grown into one the worlds largest accountancy firm with over 1,600 employees and 260 business partners in the UK alone. Over time they have become a global network with access to market-specific information in over 110 countries.

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