Bravo Game Studios acquires London-based offices

A mobile game developer has set up a new headquarters in London, to promote the growth of the company.

Bravo Game Studios, originally based in Spain was established at the beginning of the year, but their rapid growth has meant that they have needed to set up new London offices in order to compete in the market.

Rowan Corben, ex-THQ Wireless European marketing manager, will be setting up the new office and then managing the day-to-day running of the new headquarters.

The company designs and develops mobile and social gaming solutions, that are based on original IP’s, to customers all over the world.

Providing gaming software to a variety of mobile models, including: iPhone, Vodafone 360, PSP and Google Android.

Although they have only been established for a few months, the company has aspirations to become one of the top 5 mobile gaming brands in the world.

It is thought that the new office will allow the company to expand to meet this ambitious business aspiration.

Mr Corben said: “We’re focused on our internal development, and have the teams in place to deliver an end user experience that, we hope, is going to set us apart and light a fire under the major mobile gaming platforms.

Touch Nitro Racing is the company’s first game and is currently available to buy, and with its success  the company has set an 18 month deadline to get the top five position in the mobile phone gaming market.

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