British Land to go ahead with Broadgate Centre redevelopment

Broadgate Centre to be demolished for new offices.

British Land are to create new office space within the City of London.

The iconic Broadgate Centre is to be redeveloped by British Land. The offices are located within the City of London and have long been an architectural favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. The British Land project is to go ahead despite pleas and requests from English Heritage to preserve the building.

British Land plan to demolish the buildings at 4 and 6 Broadgate to make room for a new complex. The finished project will provide around 700,000 square feet of quality office space in the City of London.

“I am delighted by the decision as it allows Broadgate to continue to evolve as a sustainable and flexible office location that will meet the future needs of occupiers whilst maintaining the sense of space and place for which it is rightly renowned around the globe,” commented Chris Grigg, chief executive of British Land.

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt rejected requests from English Heritage to list the building. This was because he felt it did not meet the government’s “stringent criteria of historic or architectural interest required to be added to the statutory list”. Despite this Hunt’s department did comment that the building was impressive in both its design and decoration.

The decision has been seen by some as a clear message to foreign investors and companies that London is moving forward and is ready to provide office space for global companies.

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