Business Environment group opens new offices in Fleet Street

Office group Business Environment have announced this month that they are launching new offices in Fleet Street, London.

The centre is the former home of the The Sun newspaper and houses 62,000 sq ft of office space. It was recently redeveloped as a high-end serviced office block and cost £33 million. It also houses a gym, and more unusually, a Williams Formula 1 race-car as driven by Alex Zanardi.

“Our vision at Business Environment is to ‘Build the business lifestyle that everyone wants’ and it’s a culture that touches every aspect of our business. Our main customer base consists of SMEs which now have a far greater level of expectation in terms of workspace, décor, fit-out and quality of service than ever before.”

“When meeting clients, appearance is everything and these luxurious, stylish and modern offices really do make a lasting impression,” says MD of Business Environment, David Saul.

They now offer four operational locations across the UK, with gross assets of £300 million.

The news of another major office occupation is another string to the bow of the thriving and competitive marketplace for offices in London.

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