Colliers survey shows that investors want to buy office space in London

London office space tops foreign investors lists.

A survey carried out by Colliers has found that London has a promising future with investors.

A recent investment survey has revealed that foreign investors have London at the top of their list.

Colliers International recently conducted a third quarter global investment sentiment survey to discover what investors think about the current state of both the global and regional property market.

London fared very well with 62 percent of European investors saying that they were looking to other countries to make cross border investments, and that London was at the top of their list of cities to invest in.

The survey also found that 73 percent of property investors are hoping to expand their real estate ownership portfolios over the next 12 months. It also revealed that 42 percent believe that office rental prices will be stable by the end of 2010.

“Conducting these surveys provides us with invaluable information to help us gauge the general feeling of those working on the front-line of the property market. For example, in the UK and across Western Europe, investors are demonstrating a lack of risk appetite which can be linked to both the wider economic uncertainty, as well as fears surfacing over the impact of cuts in government expenditure,” commented Chris McLernon, chief executive officer and Colliers International.

Collier International provide integrated real estate services around the globe. The company has 480 offices worldwide including its main headquarters in Seattle. The company has the financial backing of FirstService Corporation and previous clients include 7 Eleven, KFC and Nationwide Life Insurance.

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