Derwent office plans rejected by Camden Council

Derwent London plans rejected for Camden office space.

Office development plans refused planning permission in London.

Derwent London has had its plans to redevelop the Saatchi office block refused. The building is located at Charlotte Street in Camden. The plans were rejected by Camden Council because they failed to meet the requirements and standards of the council’s planning policies.

The majority of the committee was against the planning proposals with eight votes to three rejecting the project. Derwent’s proposal included expanding the office floorspace from its current 25,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet. To do so the company planned to knock down the local pub ‘The Pregnant Man’.

Additionally the plans included the construction of retail and restaurant premises and the addition of new floors. Derwent ran into problems with the intrusion of public space. It was also argued that the potential return on capital that Derwent would make would not be able to provide enough capital for additional public space later on down the line.

“The open space is not enough for the office workers let alone the surrounding residential community, [Derwent] have failed to meet any of our policies,” commented councillor Flick Rea.

Many local residents also protested the plans as they did not want to be overshadowed by the proposed five extra stories of office space. It was decided that since the current office space is fully occupied it would be safer to leave things as they are rather than take the risk on new offices and tenants.

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