Design the London skyline

Have you ever wanted to have ago at redesigning the iconic skyline of London? Now’s your chance!

Hayes Davidson, an architecture visualisation and imaging company, have released a fun new tool on their website which allows people to play with the London skyline.

One of the views you can change is the view towards St Paul’s Cathedral, the fiercely protected area where many skyscrapers have been denied a presence. You can place the Gherkin, the BT Tower or The Shard where ever you fancy.

But the megalomania doesn’t stop there… London skyscrapers are fairly standard fare. Why not see what the Eiffel Tower would look like? Or even better why not try out the Empire State Building for size?

The truly ambitious however, head straight for the dizzying heights of The Burj Khalifa. Once you see it next to 25 Canada Square you truly see how enormously tall it really is.

So if you need a quick respite from your London office search, why not create some imaginary London skylines, if only it was this quick and easy to build new office space in real life!

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