Developers of Leadenhall Building Unhappy with ‘Cheesegrater’ Nickname

Developers of the Leadenhall Building are unhappy with nickname.

British Land development boss is unhappy with ‘Cheesegrater’ nickname.

The developers of the Leadenhall Building have revealed that they aren’t impressed that their design has earned the nickname ‘Cheesegrater Building’.

The building is to be constructed in the heart of London’s financial district on 122 Leadenhall Street and will span 48 stories. British Land are the company developing the project as part of a new portfolio in the UK capital.

“We’re not massive fans. We think it will be a stunning piece of British architecture, so to call it a ‘Cheesegrater’ is very disappointing,”
commented Chris Grigg, head of British Land.

The overall cost of the finished development is slated to be around £290 million and is a key part of the £1 billion investment project the company is putting into new buildings and office refurbishments in London.

“There are a lot of big leases coming to an end and a lot of those businesses want to come out of the buildings they are in into newer offices,” said Chris Grigg.

When announcing its half year results, British Land reported a 5 percent increase in office rentals and announced their property portfolio has seen a 2.6 rise in value to £8.9 billion.

The Leadenhall or ‘Cheesegrater’ building is renowned for its distinctive wedge shaped design. Plans for the building were originally submitted in February 2004 and were given the go ahead in May 2005, however due to financial problems construction of the project was delayed until October 2010.

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