Etiquette in the office

Advice on office etiquette.

A look at manners in the workplace.

When you work in an office with a range of other people it is important that you don’t insult or offend people whilst they are trying to work. There are a number of things that can affect the atmosphere in an office and it is usually advisable to avoid them. Considering this, here are some of the main offences.

Firstly, phones can cause a lot of annoyance in the office. If you are expecting a lot of messages turn your phone on silent and don’t leave it on the desk. Answering calls is OK if its important, however don’t sit at your desk talking loudly on the phone as this will annoy other workers in the office.

Talking in the office is fine. However, try to keep other people’s political and religious beliefs in mind and don’t attack people opinions. Also try not to talk too loud if other people are working nearby. This can prove to be a huge distraction and be a source for friction in an office.

If you are taking food into the office don’t eat things that smell strongly. Taking greasy food such as fish and chips into the office can also cause discomfort for other employees. If you want to eat this sort of food choose eat in restaurants or sit in town or in parks during your dinner break.

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