EU officials move into new offices in Westminster

This week EU officials will move into new office space located in the heart of Westminster.

32 Smith Square is a building that is notorious for previously being Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative central office and features luxury offices, bomb proof windows and a landscaped roof terrace.

The EU acquired the property for £20 million last year and since then £5 million has been spent on renovating the space. The building has been gutted, revamped and had luxury office facilities fitted.

The building has approximately 34,000 square foot of office space available over eight floors and has been unoccupied for the last 3 years since the Conservatives moved out in 2007.

Some people have voiced concerns over the spending of tax money on new office buildings for the EU.

“At a time when every UK Government department is being forced to account for every penny it spends, most citizens would agree that too many of these costs simply aren’t justified,” commented Stephen Booth of Open Europe.

However, the costs should save money in the long term as they have purchased this building whereas they were renting for £165,000 a year in their previous office space.

Other features of the building include a lounge area, exhibition and media space, a dining room, canteen, a conference hall with a stage and a roof terrace for hosting evening parties and receptions.

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