Facebook to move to new Covent Garden offices

Facebook to move to new London offices.

Social networking site to lease Covent Garden office building.

Facebook has expanded its presence in the UK with new offices in London. The social networking company has chosen to ‘shun’ the massively hyped Silicon Roundabout in East Shoreditch and taken residency in office space in Covent Garden. Facebook will be using the new offices to accommodate its advertising business employees.

The company has leased an entire 36,000 square foot office building in the London district. The building spans three floors and is much larger comparatively to the current Facebook London office in Carnaby Street. Facebook are expected to move into the new Covent Garden offices around January next year.

Around 70 Facebook employees will be moving into the new London offices and it will be managed by the company’s vice-president and managing director of Europe, Africa and the Middle east, Joanna Shields. Speaking of the move Shields commented: “As Facebook’s growth continues, we are delighted to be expanding our operations in the UK with a move to a larger office in central London next year.”

As it stands Facebook’s UK offices will continue to only focus on advertising and sales whilst all of the major development projects continue to be ran in America. However, Facebook is aiming to expand its presence around the world and the UK move is just one step towards its larger goal.

“With over 30 million people using Facebook every month in the UK, and over 750 million globally, we’re excited about the next phase in our development,” commented Shields.

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