What is a serviced office?

Serviced offices provide ready-to-use office space on flexible rental agreements. A typical serviced office is provided fully furnished and offers a range of onsite services and facilities; most or all of which are included within the serviced office rental rate. Serviced offices are sometimes referred to as "plug-and-play" spaces because of the ease in which companies can move in and get their business set up. Being often misconceived as a service which only caters for start-up businesses, this type of space also accommodates larger clients. Everyone from innovative tech companies to corporate client headquarters can be found in serviced offices. They provide the flexibility to grow and expand within a floor space or across multiple locations, ensuring that in terms of the overheads of a business this flexibility is effective. Visit our office types page to learn more about the differences between serviced, managed and leased offices.

Who uses serviced office space?

Many people are often surprised to hear that everyone from start-ups, SMEs and fortune 500 companies work out of serviced offices. The ease and convenience of moving in and out of a serviced office makes them a no brainer for a wide range of companies. Famous buildings such as the Shard and the Gherkin offer serviced office space providing companies an impressive business address in an amazing setting, ideal for large scale projects over a shorter amount of time. Other companies include creative or innovative new start-ups who are looking for an office which reflects their company style and allows them the opportunity to network and grow. Of course there are also many companies in between these extremes who also take space in services offices for a range of reasons; the options are numerous and enormously varied.

What's included in my serviced office rate?

Different business centres offer different packages however, most serviced office rates will include; office furniture, IT infrastructure, telecoms systems, utilities, maintenance and cleaning services as well as access to a kitchen. Most also include a manned reception area. Some business centres may offer an extended range of facilities within their basic serviced office rate such as access to meeting rooms and the option for video conferencing, while at other centres you will need to pay extra to use these services. Speak to your London Offices consultant about what facilities are important to your business and they will present options that can accommodate. We aim to find your business a space which reflects your company and helps your working day run smoothly.

Is a serviced office an option on a low budget?

Yes, serviced offices are ideal spaces for small or young companies and start-ups due to their flexibility and all-in, hassle free pricing. Londonoffices has a broad database of office space including virtual offices and co-working areas as well as inexpensive and creative private office options. Our consultants are available to help you with all your queries concerning the current market rates and are always available to guide you through the process. Through understanding the requirement and using our contacts in the field to negotiate the best deal possible, we are confident we can find you the best space for your business.

What is the minimum term I can sign for?

This can vary depending on the offices you'd like to let. While the average initial licence length is around 12 months, some business centres will allow you to sign for as short a term as just one month. Many office providers will also try to accommodate you as best they can by allowing you to change to a more suitable office within the centre if one is available. For example if your company expands more quickly than you anticipated moving to a bigger office may be an option meaning you do not have to see out your contract in an office which is no longer suitable.

How soon can I move into my office?

Soon! We've had clients move in just two or three days after signing their agreement, although the average is closer to a month. We have many offices throughout the whole of Central London and can have available centres to you within minutes. We always do our best to get you moved in as soon as possible with the least hassle; this is one of the key benefits of choosing a serviced office.

Will I need to pay a deposit on my chosen office?

This varies between business centres. It is possible to sign for space at some business centres without paying any deposit at all, while others will ask for a small deposit to be paid. If keeping the deposit payment low is a high priority for you, let your Londonoffices consultant know and they will find you the office options which meet that requirement.

What size office do I need?

Another great benefit of serviced office space is that you only pay for the space you need rather than a whole building in which the majority may sit unused for several years. Serviced office space is calculated per workstation meaning that our consultants can find you an ideal space based simply on the number of employees who will be occupying the space, saving you the hassle of working out how many square meters you may need. Other services of the building are inclusive and access to lounge areas and kitchen space is taken care of. Just be sure to let your consultant know if you require extra space for storage or an in-office meeting room.

I've seen an office I like on your website – how can I arrange a viewing?

To arrange a viewing or make an enquiry about availability, please call our team on +44 (20) 3856 8704.

What happens when I enquire with you?

However you choose to enquire with us whether it's by phone, email or online chat, the first thing we do is listen! We will have a conversation with you in order to build up a full picture of what you need, from location to workstations, facilities to budget to ensure we fully understand your requirement. Once this is done, your Londonoffices consultant will check availability of the offices which fit your requirements and arrange viewings on all the options which you are interested in. Following the viewings, your consultant will be in touch to gather feedback. They'll also begin price negotiations for you on the offices you'd like to rent. The final stage is to get your agreement signed and then you're ready to move in. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised by how quickly this process can be completed and the service is very much personalised to you.

How much does an office search with Londonoffices.com cost?

We’re free! We don't charge you a single penny for our office search service, whether you choose to take space or not. There are no hidden fees or charges, no matter how many times you use us or how many viewings we arrange for you. So what are you waiting for?

I manage serviced offices in London – how can I get them listed on your website?

Email us on info@londonoffices.com and a member of our team will be in touch.