Fire safety of London’s tall buildings under scrutiny

Following the fatal blaze in Lakanal House, Camberwell, tall buildings in London will be examined for fire safety.

Tower blocks, tall office buildings, large developments under construction and high rise flats are all at risk of facing  similar fates to Lakanal House. Last July a blaze in the tower block claimed six lives, three of them children.

The London Assembly is at the head of the enquries and investigations, aimed to prevent similar events happening again. Fire safety is imperivate in all buildings but tall buildings produce more safety issues due to their size and design.
As space in London becomes scares, many commercial and residential property developmenters are building upwards rather than outwards. Nearly 5% of inner London residential occupants live on the fifth floor or above. Similar figures show a trend for taller office space buildings.

Currently guidence for tall office buildings are the same whether they are 30m or 300m high. Most of them not only house offices but leisure centres, cinemas and retail area.

New requirements and laws will soon be put in to place where fire safety in tall buildings and skyscrapers will be assessed individually, with future developments to be designed specifically with fire safety in mind. As well as the financial costs of fire damage, the lives of the people working in these buildings must always come first.

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