Google opens new London tech city offices

Google buys more London office space.

Search giants to occupy offices in London’s ‘Tech City’.

Shortly after celebrating its 13th birthday Google has announced that it is opening new office space in London’s hugely popular ‘tech city’. The company will take up residence in a new facility on Bonhill Street and is planning a host of events and promotional activities to celebrate the move. Having a multinational corporation like Google in East London will be a huge boost to to the tech city’s reputation.

The offices span seven storeys and Google has taken a long term ten year lease on the commercial property. Events to celebrate the opening will include a ‘hackathon’ to find errors in Google’s coding. The company has also stated that the move was partially motivated by the need to support smaller technology companies and ideas.

The company is also currently under negotiations to buy brand new office space in London Victoria. Google commented that it will be making its new office space open : “to other organisations that support technology entrepreneurs, working together to provide a launchpad for new London-based start-ups and developers. Finding a suitable building is the first major step, and we hope to announce more details about the organisations we’ll work with and how they will use the space in the coming months”.

Commenting on the effect that the move will have on London’s economics George Osborne said that it will create a fresh new environment for new businesses and attract more hi-tech companies to the area.

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