Heathrow residents concerned about relaxation of planning laws to allow construction of new office builds

Local residents near Heathrow area could be affected by plans to build offices and hotels in Yiewsley and West Drayton if the area is designated as an ‘Opportunity Area’.

If the council strategy is agreed upon, businesses will be encouraged to build office space to bolster regional employment.

Council representative of Yeading Janet Duncan said: “The whole ‘Heathrow Opportunity Area’ extends to the whole of West Drayton and Yiewsley, and wants more industrial development, but the majority of this is a residential area”.

She added that the plans for the construction of office blocks and hotels sounds like the area will be turned into a over developed traffic hub like Bath Road on the A4, according to the Uxbridge Gazette.

Cliff Dixon, resident of West Drayton, said: “Whilst the regeneration of this area should be a priority for Hillingdon Council, there are many brownfield sites already available to be built on for both office and hotel properties without the need to completely change the character of West Drayton”.

He continued: “We also have a lack of housing in the area down to successive government policies, yet many industrial units and offices already lay empty in both West Drayton (Trout Road) and Uxbridge (Industrial Estate and Oxford Road) – So why build more at the moment when supply outstrips demand?”

The relaxation of local planning laws is hoped to create more than 9000 jobs in the area but the concerns of residents could hinder the plans.

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