How can I find the right kind of office space?

Tips on finding the right office space to suit your company.

Advice on locating the most suitable office space for your business.

If your business is growing or just taking off you are going to need to shop around for some new office space. However, it is easier than you’d think to acquire offices that are totally unsuitable for your company.

Keeping this in mind here are some of the main things to look for when searching the market for new office space.

Firstly you need to consider whether buying or leasing the space is more financially viable. If you are expecting further growth in your industry then its probably not a good idea to buy the office space. However, you could always lease or buy office space that provides extra space should your company grow. Additionally, if your company has to relocate often you could take out a short term lease on an office.

You should also thoroughly check the layout and design of the building and offices. Ensure that it is easily accessible for both clients and your employees. Enquire about additional hazards such as flooding in bad weather as well as common questions about electricity, internet and telephone connectivity and water bills.

Next consider how any office furniture, technology and equipment you have will fit into the space. If you are choosing to lease a space it is sometimes a better idea to lease the furniture too. This will save you some money and allow your company to move to another premises much more smoothly in the future.

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