How food can affect your productivity in the office

Advice on food in the office.

Tips on eating healthy in the workplace.

Eating at the office may seem like a small thing but it can actually affect the daily running and efficiency levels of your office. Not only can it create an untidy workplace, your choice of food can also have a direct affect on how well you work throughout the day.

There are a few things that you can do to avoid choosing the wrong foods. Firstly stay away from heavy fast food such as burgers or pizzas. These will make you feel lethargic and really reduce your productivity levels. To improve your daily diet try a few of these tips:

Remember to eat breakfast as this will stop you from snacking too much before lunchtime. If you do still find yourself getting peckish before lunch take some fruit with you to snack on. Having the fruit there will stop you heading for the unhealthy snacks in the vending machine.

Another way that food affects your office is waste left over afterwards. Empty packaging that clutters your desk can create distractions, a clean workspace is vital for getting work done efficiently. Leftover food and packaging can also attract vermin and insects which, in an extreme case, could result in the office needing to be closed. Not to mention the smell and sight of old food and packaging will surely distract your co-workers.

Lastly, try not to consume too many drinks that contain high levels of caffeine or sugar. This could range from an energy drink to a simple cup of tea or coffee. These will make you feel energetic for a short amount of time but you will subsequently feel lethargic and tired within a few hours. Drinking a good amount of water is a great alternative that will also keep you alert throughout the day.

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