How music can improve the efficiency of your office

How music can improve productivity in the office.

Ways in which music can make your office a more efficient workplace.

Music in the office can really improve your productivity, however it is important that you don’t let it get too distracting.

It can be beneficial to have music playing in the office at it drowns out any background noise such as the roads outside or other tenants in the building. However, it is important that you don’t play anything too intrusive as this can be highly counter productive.

Research has shown that certain kinds of music improve office productivity. The most effective of those tested was Baroque music from composers such as Bach, Handel and Vivaldi.

It is a good idea to choose music with a good steady rhythm and light melodies as opposed to something too avant garde or fast paced. The tempo of the music can help people to fall into concentration and block out other office sounds such as loud typing or conversations.

According to the Russian Academy of Sciences rock and classical music improve a person’s ability to recognise visual images such as number a letters. This is opposed to other genres such as dance and jazz.

It has also been shown that upbeat music with a steady rhythm can reduce stress hormone levels by up to 41%.

So if you want to improve the productivity levels in your office why not try playing some music in the background?

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