How to keep your office running smoothly in winter

Ways to prepare for cold weather conditions.

How to ensure that your office routine isn’t disrupted by winter.

With snow expected to send Britain back into wintery chaos it is important to take some measures to ensure that you can still work efficiently.

Firstly you need to consider your morning commute as well as your journey back home. If you are driving into work in the morning make sure you take sufficient supplies with you. Items such as a blanket, some food and perhaps a hot drink, a hazard triangle will prove extremely handy in an emergency situation, always ensure that you have your mobile phone fully charged before going out on longer journeys. You may also want to consider getting winter tyres fitted to your vehicle to better avoid getting stranded on the way to the office.

If you take public transport to and from work check for any delays or disruptions, you can do this by using the internet to check weather conditions or going directly to the official travel websites, you can even do this on the move if you own a smart phone or tablet such as a Blackberry or iPad. Alternatively you could simply watch the regional news in the morning and wait for any updates.

If you run an office it is equally as important to make sure that employees can enter the building safely. Ensure that all pathways and steps are suitably gritted to avoid anyone getting hurt from a nasty fall. If you have an office car park it is vital that you make sure that workers can enter and park their cars safely, do this by having any excess snow removed and gritting the parking area.

Also, with temperatures expected to drop greatly next week it is essential that a comfortable office temperature is maintained. A cold office will result in uncomfortable employees that won’t produce a high standard of work.

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