How to set up the perfect office meeting room

Advice on setting up an office meeting room.

Ways to set up the perfect meeting room in your office.

When working in an office meetings are an important part of daily routines. Therefore it is important that the meeting room is set up correctly to facilitate interviews and company meetings.

Firstly you need the right lighting in the room. Ensure that it doesn’t directly point towards any places on the table. You want the lighting to be relatively neutral, having it too dark will make it hard to read notes and people will lose focus. On the other hand having it too light will cause discomfort and loss of concentration. Try to utilise natural lighting as much as possible.

Secondly you should consider the kind of desk that you need in the office meeting room. You need to ensure that everyone in the room can see any whiteboards or screens clearly. It is also vital that no one is seated so far away that they can’t hear or be heard. A round table is usually the best choice as this provides an easy configuration for speaking openly.

Air conditioning is important if meetings last longer than half an hour. People will become uncomfortable in the space and lose focus if the space is too hot or cold. Ensure that the room is properly ventilated and heated at the relevant times of the year.

Lastly consider the type of chairs that you require. In a meeting it is a good idea to have reasonably basic chairs. Good back support is important and there should be the right amount of padding. Too little or too much can cause problems in the neck and spine.

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