How to throw a great Christmas office party

Tips on creating the perfect office party.

How to hold the perfect Christmas party in the office.

With Christmas fast approaching you’ll probably be throwing a party in the office to celebrate. Your Xmas party should be something to enjoy and not stress over, so here are a few tips to help you organise and throw a great get together.

Firstly its important to plan ahead for the things that you’ll need. You should consider what decorations you’ll be putting up and what food and drink you have to buy. Also, if you’re holding the party outside of the office you need to look for somewhere suitable to book and then sort out and pricing issues you might have.

Secondly you should send out the invitations. These days its much easier to send out an email rather than paper invites or a memo. It might also be worth thinking about creating a Facebook group where members of staff can confirm that they’re attending.

Whilst doing all of this it is important not to forget the office budget. If you’re running low on cash there are a few easy things you can do to reduce the cost of your party. You could make the decorations yourself and the same goes for the food, it might be worth trying to encourage everyone in the office to bring something that they’ve made themselves.

Lastly keep in mind that people are there to have fun, so there should be entertainment. You should consider what kind of music you’re going to play and if you will be hiring a professional DJ. Christmas themed games or competitions can also liven up a party, for example you could hold a competition for best Christmas costume or secret Santa.

If you just follow these simple steps you should be on your way to holding a great office party and a Merry Christmas!

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