How to throw an office party

Advice on throwing an office party.

Tips on putting together an office birthday party.

When you work in an office there will be many birthdays and events to celebrate throughout the year. This is a short guide on how to make the most of these days and ensure that everyone in the office has a good time.

Firstly think about the kind of decorations (if any) that you’re going to place around the office. Consider using banners and balloons and other colourful objects to make the room look more vibrant.

You should also consider the types of food that you’re going to serve. You might just go for a birthday cake, in which case you should remember to not pick something too complicated that a large group of people might not like. If you’re serving extra food such as sandwiches and snacks make sure that you choose a diverse enough selection to please everybody. Keep vegetarians in mind and provide options that are suitable for everybody.

Next have a look at the kind of activities that you can play in the office. Stay away from any games that may cause physical injuries and don’t play things that could offend other employees. If you’re having music consider how this might affect other offices around you and stay away from anything too in your face.

Lastly keep health and safety in mind. Make sure that there are no decorations could trip up or injure anybody and be mindful of any food allergies.

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