Keep your office neat and clean to create a pleasant working atmosphere

Keeping an office space clean is a vital aspect that can affect the mood and efficiency levels of a workforce. An organised space with neat lines and uncluttered desks can promote uncluttered, streamlined thought processes.

Hiring a cleaning service is an clever option because it produces excellent results despite the extra cost to your firm.

Daily cleaners will pick up used coffee mugs and wipe staff workstations so that when employees return to work, they are met with a fresh smelling space, signalling the new start to the new working day.

However, do implement office rules to ensure staff play some part in keeping their areas clean. Put up polite notices or draw up friendly rotas that put specific people in charge of specific areas.

Ensure that employees are aware of picking up items that have dropped on the floor, which could cause trips and falls. Any incident of injury within the workplace will inevitably fall on the shoulders of the boss so be wary of cleaning up spills and disposing of fallen paper.

Make sure that employees who eat lunch at their desk are aware that they must throw away their empty food wrappers, bottles and packets so rodents have no reason to be attracted to the office building.

Take notice of the office environment and become familiar with the surroundings – that way your space will be clean, hygienic and organised.

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