Keeping your eyesight healthy in the office

Advice on keeping your eyesight healthy in the office.

Ways to ensure you take care of your eyes whilst working on a PC.

If you spend all day working at a computer it is vitally important that you remember to take your eyesight into consideration.

The main thing that will affect this is your computer monitor. Here are few steps you can take to ensure that your monitor is set up correctly so it does not affect your vision.

Firstly, adjust the height so that it matches your eye-level. Having your monitor positioned to high or low will create additional strain on your eyes whilst working and can lead to vision problems later on.

You should also ensure that your computer monitor is cleaned correctly. Use computer screen wipes that have been specifically designed for this purpose rather than just tissues or towels.

Make sure that the optimisation and brightness levels are set correctly so that you don’t have to strain your eyes to see your screen. A screen that’s set too bright or dark will result in additional stress being placed on your eyes. You should also have your settings configured so that you can read any text on your screen with ease.

If you work near to a window or strong lighting you could purchase an anti-glare filter that fits over your screen. These can reduce the amount of strain that you place on your eyes everyday.

Lastly, if you’re suffering from persistent eye problems then visit an opticians as the problem could be due to something more than your computer monitor.

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