Presenting Kreativ House’s Inspired New Office Space to Rent in London

Kreativ House Office Space to Rent in London Entrance

With a strong presence in an area renowned for arts, culture and technology, Kreativ House is the new office space to rent in London for inspired, forward-thinking and driven businesses. This innovative workplace encourages its teams to push creative boundaries in a dynamic and contemporary environment customised for the individual.

Hackney Central – The Location

Kreativ House sits within the historical and business heart of Hackney with culture old and new surrounding it. Hackney Central has of late seen many new developments since it recently secured over £5million to invest in the area. A major fashion hub, set to attract overseas visitors and London fashionistas, is one key example of the region’s modernisation. Following such developments, many new businesses have taken advantage of the on-trend and modern environment, choosing Hackney for their office space to rent in London.

Hackney Central office space to rent in London

Kreativ House sits on the main thoroughfare Mare Street. This area is bursting with restaurants, cafes, bars and retail of all varieties.  Employees choosing this area for their office space to rent in London have convenient access to a range of amenities; there are also plenty of destinations in which to entertain visiting clients.

Historically, Hackney has always associated with the arts and entertainment businesses that eventually led to associations with media organisations. Today, companies in these fields still favour the vibrancy and the culture around office space to rent in London, Hackney. Furthermore, recently improved transport links are attaching the borough to the tube and Overground networks. This is leading to the location steadily growing in popularity year on year.

Kreativ House – The New Office Space to Rent in London

Epitomizing the word stylish, this office space to rent in London features contemporary, fashionable interiors throughout.

Contrasting light with dark, work and meeting spaces are swimming in daylight and comprised of natural materials including beech flooring and numerous glass screens. Alternatively, social spaces such as the kitchen feature black or blue fixtures complimented by homely accompaniments and complimentary kitchen products.

Kreativ House office space to rent in London kitchen

Meeting rooms and collaborative workspaces also follow a light colour scheme. White walls adorned with art from local artists, frames, plants and ornaments present an inspirational and memorable office space to rent in London that clients will certainly not forget.

Kreativ House office space to rent in London meeting room

Business Features

Private offices are available for teams of one-40 people and these design-focused spaces are even customisable to reflect brand image. A fully equipped, professional photography studio is also available on site following the area’s popularity with media and creative businesses.

Kreativ House office space to rent in London

Understanding the importance of networking and the invaluable insights that personal interactions can offer, this new office space to rent in London has an intimate and organic social calendar of events. For employee welfare, the centre even offers a dynamic health and well-being programme courtesy of current residents.

Finally, if you are interested in viewing space in this stunning, innovate centre, contact a member of the Londonoffices team on +44 (0) 207 166 7981.