Largest aquarium in Europe installed in the Heron Tower office building in London

The 70,000 litre aquarium, which was recently delivered to Heron Tower has been installed in the lobby and had to be transported on its side so that it could fit under the lower bridges.

The acrylic tank, measuring 12x2x4 metres, was installed by two London companies, Skanska, a construction firm and Heron International, a property group. It was created by Reynolds in Colorado and was shipped inside a strong protective steel frame. It will hold a shark and 1,300 other fish within a visually impressive and sustainable environment.

Development Director of Heron International, Steve Evans, said, “The aquarium is a masterpiece of design and manufacturing, that fits perfectly with the high quality workmanship involved in all aspects of this development.”

He added, “The frame was removed and the aquarium was lifted onto air skates to install it in the entrance lobby. It was then lifted onto a temporary plinth where the rockwork, artificial coral and fish life safety systems will be installed.”

The Heron Tower, also referred to as 110 Bishopsgate, which stands at 230 metres, is expected to open in February 2011 by which time the tank will have been moved to its final, permanent location.

Mr Evans concluded, “The whole unit will be moved into its final location beneath a steel lantern in late summer.”

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