Remarkable New 1930 Themed Office for Rent in London's Victoria Station

The Office Group has done it again! Their newest office for rent in London, which sits adjoined to Victoria Station, is a stunning 1930’s themed business centre with all the nostalgia of the Golden Age of Travel which Victoria Station brought to London.



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Uber 'Lack Corporate Responsibility' Critically losing them London Licence

Uber were the innovative and highly convenient taxi service that simply took off in London following its launch in 2012. However, after a spatter of controversy and questionable conduct Transport for London (TfL) have now denied the company a licence renewal. A drastic decision or a necessary measure?

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Forget a Business Lunch - Top 3 Business Breakfast Locations in London

The tradition of settling a business deal over a phenomenal lunch has, over the years, become well-established.  However, with the 24-hour world that we live in today more and more people are hitting the ground running discussing business over breakfast, and here’s where.

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Fuel your Day in the Right Way - Nutrition Straight to Your London Office

There is no longer any need to worry about sourcing or buying ingredients, meal prep, portion control or actually remembering to take your food to work. These efficient businesses have all this and much more covered with their healthy, tailored meal plans which can be delivered right to your office.

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London through our Lens: A Focus on Architecture

Take a look at this week’s collection of images from our consultants’ adventures around the city! In this issue we are focusing on architecture including the old, new and even those in mid development. Some images are at ground level and some are from office buildings but all are impressive.

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