Leeds expresses interest in Whitehall jobs

Leeds has announced plans to pursue London office jobs, after the government reveal plans to relocate offices to other areas.

The plans come as the government announced a dramatic office upheaval with 15,000 London office jobs to be relocated to other areas.

However, as earlier reported, there is competition for the government office jobs as other areas, such as Bradford and Newport, have also been reacting to the relocation plans of the government.

Regional developers, Yorkshire Forward, have made a relocation pitch to government officials promoting Leeds as the new location for Whitehall jobs.

Their main selling point was that Leeds already has around a third of The Department of Health core staff and they are therefore in a good position to become a national centre for the NHS jobs.

Thea Stein, Yorkshire Forward’s executive director of economic inclusion, has been involved in the discussions with various government departments.

She said: “We will bid for as many jobs as we possibly can […] we think we are really well placed because of the history of relocating jobs to Yorkshire and Humber.

It is also believed that Leeds could already accommodate thousands of civil service jobs without the need to build new office space.

As of yet it is unclear whether government officials are interested in Leeds, Bradford or Newport; as no official news about possible locations has been released.

Regardless of who achieves the relocation contract, government offices in London will possibly become vacant within the near future.

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