Lexmark survey reveals favourite office technology

New study shows what people think looks good on an office desk.

Survey shows that office workers judge PCs and laptops to be the most stylish item on their desk.

A new survey carried out by Lexmark International shows that office workers find their laptops or desktop computers to be the most eye-catching piece of technological equipment on their desk.

The study reveals that workers find PC’s to be the most visually pleasing electronic device on their office desk, this is mainly due to darker colours and modern sleek designs. Overall 72 per cent of those questioned chose their computer as the most stylish technological item they owned at work.

Two fifths of those questioned chose black as the most stylish colour which was closely followed by white and silver, with 25 and 23 per cent of the vote respectively.

Additionally two-thirds of those asked said that they would pay more for a stylish piece of technology. The survey also shows that when making purchasing decisions people place the most importance on functionality and how easy the technology is to use.

“We’re entering a new era of style on the desktop where sleek looks and design meet advanced technology,”
commented Steve Purdy, country general manager at Lexmark UK.

Traditional office technology such as fax machines and printers didn’t fare so well in the survey however, with both ranking low on the list of stylish technology. One in four even went so far as to admit that they hide their fax machines from clients or visitors so that they don’t give the impression of being behind the times.

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