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Farringdon is another one of London’s more quirky and trendy locations where the offices to rent reflect the surrounding culture. Plenty of creativity, colour and style goes in to the fit out of office space in this area. Unique work settings complete with contemporary furniture and often specific locations dedicated to unwinding can be found throughout Farringdon. Games rooms with team building games such as table football aren’t uncommon. Popular with young creative start-up companies, the ability to socialise and network is highly important within office space in this area. Farringdon is a rapidly developing location and has become more popular in recent years due to new developments and modernisation within the region. The completion of Crossrail 2 is also set to see a further increase in demand for serviced office space in Farringdon, bringing further diversity to the area.

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Expert opinion

It is a really good idea to consider Farringdon for your next serviced office space. It is still cheaper than neighbouring Old Street but the area has seen impressive developments emerge recently. Farringdon itself also has lots of history and vibrancy which is reflected in the serviced office décor.

Kirsty Londonoffices Serviced Office Expert Kirsty Page
Senior Account Manager

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Rosebery Avenue Farringdon,
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Local Insight & Information

The trendy and relaxed area of Farringdon is a mixture of back to basic market stalls, a wide range of places to eat, drink and unwind and new innovative developments attracting business, tourism and unique serviced office spaces alike.

Whether you’re looking for something unique and fun, Bounce for example, or something a little more traditional and chilled, like The Slaughtered Lamb, to fill your lunch hour or after office hours free time, Farringdon caters for all.

Farringdon by Night Londonoffices

Bounce is a young and trendy ‘hang-out’ with the main three things that every hang out needs; alcohol, food and Ping-Pong of course. The food menu provides a playful twist to classic Italian recipes with the British palette in mind. The selection of alcohol is plentiful with cocktails, wine and beer for whatever sort of night you’re planning or whatever takes your fancy as well as a varied supply of mocktails so there’s no excuse for drinking on the job.

On the other end of the spectrum there is The Slaughtered Lamb. Serving good hearty traditional British dishes accompanied by live music and a brilliant selection of wines. This pub is also popular with a few celebrities with the likes of Ed Sheeran having been known to pass through its doors as well as a few members of the EastEnders cast.

Key Transport Links

As for development within the area; the new Farringdon Station, set to see people passing through by 2018 will provide much faster, more convenient links throughout the city. The western end entrance to the station, located on the corner of Farringdon Road and Cowcross Street will provide access to and from the Thameslink ticket hall. The interior design at this entrance is inspired by the close by diamond and jewellery quarter. With features including champagne coloured stainless steel casings and etched glass panelling there is the intention to provide a high-quality finish to the design of this space.

When the Elizabeth line opens, Farringdon station will be one of the busiest in the UK, connecting with Thameslink and the London Underground it will provide fast links with outer London, the City, Canary Wharf and three of London’s five airports. As for offices, once the new station is operational, you can be sure that offices to rent will be in high demand. Currently Farringdon has plenty of tube stations located within walking distance of the district including; Farringdon, Barbican, Chancery Lane and St. Paul’s. Farringdon Train Station is also just a few minutes away on foot.

More on Location

One of the most loved markets for those who both live and work in Farringdon is the Leather Lane Market. It opens around 10am and closes around 3pm each weekday providing a brilliant site to head for some food whilst exploring the variety of items available on the market stalls during lunch. Many locals enjoy visiting this market over many others throughout London due to its more traditional and down to Earth vibe which has been lost in other higher end market destinations throughout the city. This is the type of place which may remind you of the markets you visited as a kid or maybe read about in a Dickens novel. Finding anything from cheap clothes to DVDs, small accessories and other knickknacks this is definitely worth a visit when you’re looking for offices to let in Farringdon.

Leather Lane Market Londonoffices

Another place which is unique in Farringdon and makes for a very interesting visit, particularly when entrance is free, is the Museum of the Order of St. John. The St. John’s Ambulance Service is a well renowned and treasured provision in Britain and this wonderful museum tells the history of the organisation, all the way back to the where the symbol of order originated from, worn on the robes of those first Brother Knights in the hospital in Jerusalem almost 1000 years ago.

Farringdon Background and History

Back in the 1930s when Farringdon House was occupied by Lord Berners, Farringdon was a very merry place. The 100ft folly which can be found on Folly Hill, surrounded by four acres of circular woodland and is more than 100 years old, was erected by Lord Berners to irritate the neighbours. This renowned figure within Farringdon would hold many spectacular themed parties at his manor with guests including the likes HG Wells and Salvador Dali. These parities were legendary throughout the region.

Among the most historic areas in London, Farringdon is represented by the wards of Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without. The word Farringdon means ‘fern covered hill’ and many areas across the UK have been given the name. Today Farringdon has a range of buildings, amenities and people and caters to a variety of needs and businesses. There is a mix of trendy and contemporary spaces as well as tradition and professional office, whatever your requirements, the Londonoffices team can help you find the perfect space.

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