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Generally, Paddington is a very modern area in terms of office space for rent. Well known to house big names in tech and IT, office blocks are usually large and striking shows of architecture. Serviced offices are modern and contemporary spaces with plenty of break-out areas and copious amounts of inspiration. The creativity within Paddington office space is however constrained to enable the professionalism of the companies who work here to be reflected. A familiar sight of buildings within the locality is the beneficial feature of large and numerous windows, allowing ample natural light to fill the rooms, aiding with creative thought processes as well as boosting concentration throughout the day. A few older buildings within the area will also provide some great serviced office space with more minimal interiors and intimate settings for important client meetings.

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Expert opinion

Regeneration within Paddington Basin has made this a very fashionable area of the city. Due to its close proximity to Heathrow, this is also a fantastic location for businesses with a world-wide client or customer base.

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Senior Account Manager

Queensway Paddington,
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Praed Street Paddington,
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Local Insight & Information

A beautiful and cultural place for your new serviced office space, Paddington has plenty to offer in terms of recent developments, aesthetic landscapes, history and the iconic figures tied to it. Home to one of London’s most significant train stations it is no surprise that the area is extremely popular with business owners and that there is constant redevelopment within the area to accommodate for its ever growing professional portfolio. You will never be far from a beautiful view within Paddington and there are numerous places to eat and drink whilst enjoying the scenery or a place to simply just walk around and lose yourself after a long day in the office.

Key Transport Links

The scene in which the famous stories of Paddington Bear all began and where today you will find a wonderful bronze statue of the loveable character under the clock on Platform 1, is one of the most important parts of Paddington – London Paddington Station. The Grade I listed building which was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1854 is currently in the midst of redevelopment plans. The idea is to bring a new and open vibrant piazza style scene, creating a warm and public realm with seating and edges creating hospitable places for people to dwell.

The site of the old Royal Mail sorting office on London Street is set to see a 54m by 54m wide cube-shaped building erected in association with the Praed Street frontage to Paddington Station, providing a solution to the over-crowding issues that have been seen in recent years. Being a crucial station providing a gateway to the West and Wales and being the quickest route to Heathrow, the new plans for the station hope to make it more accommodating for the public and bring it in line with its significant function. Once the building is complete it will provide 360,000 square feet of office space to rent (including serviced offices) as well as plenty of places to eat, shop and explore whilst easing congestion within the station.

More on Location

Within walking distance of Paddington Station is another new development, Paddington Central. This building occupies 11 acres of space and is home to big names including Microsoft, Accor and Kingfisher as well as housing many restaurants, cafes and a floating classroom. This building is set on the side of the Grand Union Canal and sits between two landscaped squares, creating a beautiful working environment. Paddington sees a system of interlinking canals run through its landscape, which is why the area is nicknamed little Venice, and many of its attractions and amenities are located close to one of these waterfronts.

Merchant Square is a particularly well developed area where you can enjoy unique tastes from the street food stalls, attempt to navigate through the world’s first water maze or hire a paddle board and float down the canal with a striking view. Further down the towpath is Sheldon Square, another buzzing site to enjoy your lunch break and try something new. The grassy amphitheatre located here is surrounded by restaurants, Ping-Pong tables and a big screen to while away your lunch hour in a peaceful yet vibrant location.

Merchant Square Londonoffices

Whilst you’re exploring the canals you may want to take a trip to see the famous Thomas Heatherwick’s Rolling Bridge. The bridge slowly uncurls from a circular sculpture sitting on the canal bank to a strong and secure pedestrian bridge which resembles any other. Paddington’s Fan Bridge is also another impressive piece of architecture. Unfurling over the Grand Canal in the same manner as a traditional Japanese hand fan, witnessing this in action is an extraordinary site.

The scenery around Paddington makes it easy to lose yourself and forget that you’re actually in central London and the waterfront restaurants do nothing but aid this fantasy. The Summerhouse and its sister restaurant The Waterway sit next to the canal and offer beautiful views all year round. They will strive to provide you with that holiday feeling whilst you overlook the water and enjoy some of the best fish and chips you’ll have ever tried.

Paddington Background and History

Delve in to Paddington’s past and explore its history as well as its regeneration by visiting its Public Art Trail. The display showcases the industrial heritage of the area, its famous names in science and medicine, its engineering and military background as well as its royal and literary links. The trail starts in Paddington Station with the ‘Unknown Soldier’ who stands on platform one and continues to uncover bears and bridges as well as the newest addition of the journey, a ‘Message from an Unseen World.’

Throughout history Paddington has had its share of memorable people and events associated with it. Possibly most famously is that of St. Mary’s hospital where in 1928 Sir Alexander Fleming made a revolutionary discovery in medicine, penicillin. You can still visit his laboratory today and see the spot in which this legendary discovery was made. This is also the hospital which has seen the births of Princes William, Harry and George was well as Princess Charlotte.  Dating all the way back to Saxon origin the name is thought to have derived from a local land owner called something close to Padda or similar, whilst ‘ton’ means the village of. Today this is possibly one of the most beautiful, well connected and constantly developing areas of London, a wonderful place to find an office space to let and to work and explore.

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