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The Westminster area is famously known as the home of the Houses of Parliament, fronted by the iconic London clock tower, Big Ben. Politics is the dominating sector within this area and grand, historical buildings function as serviced office space housing a number of companies throughout the region. Views from managed offices in Westminster are usually a great selling point. A lot of the culture of London including the London Eye and Parliament is visible from offices to rent throughout Westminster. Interiors are generally quite simplistic and smart combining beautiful historical buildings with modern décor, designed to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Although there is not a great choice of serviced office space in the area it is a convenient and vibrant place in which to work, close to transport links and highly popular with tourists.

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Local Insight & Information

Westminster is possibly the most iconic location throughout the whole of London. It is the scene on so many postcards, canvases and memorabilia. It is the home to the Prime Minister, The Royal family and the Houses of Parliament. With the River Thames creating one of its boarders and containing the beautiful area of Millbank, this location is also very scenic. With an array of wonderful restaurants, hotels and stunning landmarks and buildings Westminster provides a busy, business orientated setting suitable for any type of company in need of serviced office space to let or rent.

Westminster birds eye view Londonoffices

This very unique location is so busy during the week that there is the rare phenomenon of a pub which closes on the weekends. Its main source of custom is through all the business men and women who work in the area throughout the week and has no need to open on Saturday or Sunday. This pub is The Colonies. Tucked away in a little side street away from the rush, this pub has a great choice of hand-pump beers as well as the usual selection of lagers and wines.

As well as being rife with traditional pubs and open houses there are also numerous high quality bars and restaurants. With Westminster being the epicentre of journalists and politicians there needs to be plenty of eateries for them to meet; one such location which in the past has been a favourite of Gordon Brown and more recently, Ed Balls is The Cinnamon Club. Housed by the stunning Old Westminster Library with an interior to reflect its elegant past, the highly regarded chefs serve their delicious twists on classic dishes and forgotten regional specialities. The Cinnamon Club is also home to the Cinnamon Bar providing a sleek and contemporary setting to enjoy the taste of their unique cocktails which incorporate ingredients such as curry nectar and cinnamon syrup.

Key Transport Links

Travel and accommodation are both very bountiful in this professional area; however, there is a wide choice in places to stay which are far from the corporate world which fills your day. St. Ermin’s Hotel for example is stunningly decorated in boutique style interior and there is plenty of luxury and comfort to your stay. The building retains some classic features from the original architecture in an art nouveau styling whilst having been decorated in a modern, highly textural theme in recent times, finished off with a selection of handpicked antiques and collectables. Marylebone Tube Station is located just a few steps away from of Big Ben and Edgware Road, Baker Street, Marble Arch, Paddington and Regent’s Park can all also be reached comfortably on foot from the landmark. There are plentiful bus routes throughout the area also and many Boris Bike stations, of course, are placed throughout Westminster making getting around here as stress free as possible.

More on Location

If an iconic building, landmark or structure is something that grabs your attention then there are more than enough to keep your interest peaked throughout Westminster; the most well-known of these is possibly the Houses of Parliament. With mighty Big Ben fronting the impressive structure and chiming each hour, keeping the pace of the city, the building is very imposing and commanding. Having once been the site in which the ruling for more than a quarter of the Earth’s population originated, its stature and grandeur is not surprising.

Westminster Abbey is another huge icon in British culture and being erected more than 1000 years ago it holds a huge part it British history. Daily worship is still carried out within its walls to this day, a tradition which was first established by the Benedictine monks in the 10th century. The Abbey has since seen many monarchs and well renowned figures of society pass through its doors; one iconic event of recent times being that of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales KG and Miss Catherine Middleton’s marriage there on Friday 29 April 2011.

Westminster Abbey Londonoffices

Another important structure within Westminster is Nelson’s Colum; it was built between 1840 and 1843 to commemorate Vice-Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson who died aboard his flagship HMS Victory whilst battling the French during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Westminster Background and History

It’s not just concrete structures and extremely large constructions however, which make up Westminster. Along with the scenic views which can be seen along the River Thames, there is a beautiful Royal park within the area also; Victoria Tower Gardens. As well as the gorgeous park land where you can spend your lunch hour strolling around in the sun, there are also many memorials to set your sights upon which rejoice the brave figures of British history. The Buxton Memorial for example is a celebration of the abolition of slavery within the grounds and it celebrates the work of the MP Thomas Fowell Buxton during the movement. The park also houses the memorial of Emmeline Pankhurst; she campaigned viciously for women’s right to vote and died in 1928 a month before this right was granted to all women over 18 years of age in England.

Buxton Memorial Fountain Londonoffices

The land which we now know today as Westminster originated from Anglo-Saxon times. Wealthy people of the day built a small church on Thorney Island, nearby to where Downing Street is currently positioned, and the church was known as ‘West Minster’. Shortly after, Benedictine monks adopted the church and became familiar figures within it and around Westminster for nearly 600 years until the reign of Henry VIII who split from the Catholic faith.

More recently, evidence was uncovered beneath Parliament Square which suggests that Cnut, the Dane who ruled England during 1016 to 1035, may have been the first to build a Westminster Palace. Not wanting to be out-done in the league of extravagant monarchs, Edward the Confessor rebuilt the palace following a fire in the premises in as well as rebuilding the nearby Abbey in a very majestic style. With all of this history, culture and grandeur within the world famous area it is no surprise that tourists and businesses alike flock to the location; after all who wouldn’t want to base their company in this powerful and legendary setting.

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