London commuters affected by snow

Snow affects London office commuters.

London office workers are finding it hard to commute in bad weather conditions.

Weather conditions this week have been affecting everything from travel to schools – offices have been no exception.

The snow can seriously affect the productivity of an office, mainly because it can result in workers not being able to make it in or being stuck in horrendous traffic during the morning commute.

Travel in London has been particularly affected as most bus routes have been shut off and Luton and London City Airport have both been forced to cancel flights. The tube has been faring better however, an increase in commuters due to the absence of other modes of transport is having a knock on effect.

“There’s no doubt about it, this is the right kind of snow, it’s just the wrong kind of quantities. My message to the heavens is: ‘You’ve put on a fantastic display of snow power but that is probably quite enough’,” commented London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Roads that London office workers use to commute to the city such as the M25 and A3 have been experiencing severe weather problems. The Highway Agency are urging people to stay off the roads and only make essential journeys, according to the organisation there have been far too many minor accidents on these roads recently due to the weather conditions.

Another issue that London office workers are facing is the closing of schools. Workers with children can find it hard to locate care for their children at such short notice and this may affect their presence at work.

However, weather forecasts are predicting a let up in the snowy weather with Monday looking to be clear and sunny. Hopefully this means that commuting to London offices will return back to normality next week.

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