London landlords have light-bulb moment about eco-buildings

New research suggests that landlords are becoming more aware of the potential benefits of making their office buildings eco-friendly.

According to a report, by Sabien Technology, many property owners and investors now take energy ratings into consideration as a means to increase the rental prices of a property.

It seems that this trend mirrors that of the USA, where eco-construction has become a leading industry. In fact American policies on construction have actually influenced UK eco-policies.

Alan O’Brien, chief executive officer at the organisation, said, “There is growing evidence that clients are prepared to pay higher rents for energy efficient buildings in the UK.

Landlords are also protecting themselves against future legislation, which may make it compulsory to comply with eco-standards.

Mr O’Brien added, “By going green and future proofing buildings, owners can enhance yields and improve occupancy rates.”
As these features are attractive to tenants there has been larger interest for these types of properties.

This has also meant that they have achieved higher rental prices, perhaps because these building have a modern design and they do not cost as much to run.

In fact many companies have actually sought offices in London based mainly on eco-friendly criteria, rather than occupying regular buildings.

These policies to not just apply to new builds, as it is possible to refurbish existing buildings, with low-energy lighting and low-waste water systems being big first steps.

Such steps are a shrewd way to increase the worth of a property and as result increase rental prices.

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