London office for US marketing firm

US firm GMR Marketing  is expanding globally and adding a London office to its international footprint.

The new office will be an ideal base for European operations for the New-Berlin, Milwaukee-based company. Vice-president of GMR’s Charlotte office, Tony Fowler will also move to London to manage operations there. They have also opened other offices in Europe, including Poland and Spain.Tony Fowler joined the company seven years ago and has played a key role in their worldwide expansion from the Charlotte office in the USA. He wants to focus on building sales and development across Europe from the new London office.

GMR founder and chief executive officer Gary Reynolds commented, “Establishing a GMR presence in the U.K. is a critically important step to our global operations and another layer in our on-going expansion plans.”

The firm believe that London is a centre of activity for global brands, which is definitely true. Even during the recession business in London was relatively thriving, and the current climate of recovery will further boost this.

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